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The business and lifestyle side of football and sports.



MoneyballClub is about the business and lifestyle side of football and sports.

Moneyball has become a term for the use of data in sports to find what is undervalued and take advantage of it. We want to take it a step further and spread this practical approach to other areas of the game. Therefore, our focus will not be on discussing players, coaches and on-field tactics, rather on what drives the business of football. Ultimately where football will go in the future, will be determined by how it will develop as a business. We believe the same applies to other sports.

Our goal is to be part of these developments by:

  • Introducing and promoting new ideas and methods related to understanding and managing football and sports.

  • Facilitate the development of international cooperation in all areas related to football and sports.

  • Facilitating the exchange of practices between business and sports.

  • Bridge the communication gap and further develop the relationships between business and football by focusing on developing the benefits of this relationship.

  • Support young athletes in understanding what means to have a career in football and sports, its opportunities and what plans they could employ.

  • Promote players as a vital part of growing the relationship between business and sports.

  • Producing content relevant to the lifestyle impact of football and sports on people.

We want to become a club for all sharing our views.

That’s in short how MoneyballClub came to life. The rest is about making the effort, starting now.

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