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MoneyballClub is a sports-driven business. Moneyball has become a term for the use of data in sports to find what is undervalued and take advantage of it. We strive to take it a step further and spread this practical approach to other areas as well. Therefore, our focus is on what drives the business of sports and what should make sports part of our everyday lives. For those who work with us or follow us, we aim to create a feeling of belonging to a club. Hence, MoneyballClub.

To our clients we provide:

  • Exposure to international network of contacts.

  • Career management services.

  • Opportunity for marketing exposure.

  • Business advisory. 

  • Financial consulting services.

We are built around:

  • Playing an infinite game and progressing sports in the future.

  • Building lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

  • Promoting and fostering the exchange of practices between business and sports.

  • Supporting athletes in understanding and making a career in sports.

  • Producing content relevant to the lifestyle impact of sports on people.

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Playmaker has been set up as a project aiming to bring to people knowledge and skills from the sporting world in developing a healthy lifestyle. Social factors dictate 70% to 90% of the medical outcomes. Knowledge and ideas from professional sports can be tailored and then shared with people to improve their lives. The project's social accounts identity @BePlaymaker is a call to action to everyone to take charge of their own area of interest and development, but also to help others by recognizing the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and supporting friends, family, and co-workers. BE.PLAY.MAKE.

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